NGO Collaboration

Karmaarth is looking for NGO’s partnership in order to ensure greater efficiency of Projects and Programme. Since many of the NGO’s are working in skill development area so we look forward for the collaboration of such NGO’s in order to combat the problems of unemployment among youths.

In order to combat with the major problems of the country for the long run solution, the best possible way is to provide skill development training to the youths so that they can stand up for their major problems by overpowering their talents and skills learnt during the skill development training.

Thus Karmaarth looks forward for the collaboration of all those NGO’s working in the desired sector of Skill Development.

Area of Partnership/ Support

  1. Community Mobilisation Programme
  2. Job Seekers Mobilisation
  3. Organising Job fairs for Job seekers
  4. To run the skill development programme
  5. To register Job Seekers in website
  6. Upgrading the existing skill development program in NGO’s
  7. Assisting the female learners to start Entrepreneurial activities

If interested in partnering with us, you may send us your NGO’s details by filling NGO Partnership Form, and the concern person will contact to you accordingly.

NGO Partnership form