The Training Advisory Committee

The Advisory Board has been formalised by the Director of Karmaarth in 2014.The members of Advisory Board reviews Karmaarth’s functions & programs also, gives necessary recommendations to improve the quality and overall system of Karmaarth.

Purpose and Functions of the Advisory Board

The purpose of the Karmaarth Advisory Board is to advise the Karmaarth team regarding future directions for the Training Centres . This purpose is achieved through the following functions:

  • Review the Karmaarth’s mission, vision and goals every 2-3 years to ensure they remain relevant, focused, and aggressive
  • Assist in monitoring progress toward achievement of goals outlined in and make recommendations for revision of the Karmaarth’s strategic plan
  • Participate in the student orientation program
  • Assist in evaluating all Karmaarth Programs & Activities (Partnership System, Course Delivery Quality Management, Students Placement ,Job fairs and Trainees Assessments ) and making recommendations for ongoing improvement
  • Serve as a source of support for Teaching Staff & Placement Cell

Advisory Board Members

  • Mr. Manish Gupta
  • Ms. Nirupama Gupta
  • Dr. J.K Goyal
  • Ms. Nirmal Bhatnagar
  • Mr. Cherian George
  • Ms. Surbhi Jain